Why India Needs to Reform Its Judiciary?

The government wants to enhance the flexibility of living for the common man. This is something that should be appreciated. Apart from maintaining the law and order, what the government can do best regarding this is to make the criminal justice framework faster and more efficient.
India has one of the maximum numbers of undertrial prisoners in the world. Around 4.2 lakh prisoners are still waiting for their trial. They are in jail not because they have been found guilty and sentenced to jail terms but because of charges on them are too severe to warrant bail, or just because they are too poor to get bail.

Below here are some recommendations that can make the judiciary more efficient

Improved Investigation
People living at the bottom layer of social power often account for the number of undertrials. In some cases that caught the attention of the media, young men were put up in jail and acquitted after a decade-long term served at the jail. Those years which could be the most productive years of their lives. Their healths degraded and also made them isolate from the society for years. Not all prisoners are like this but are happens.

Trials should get fast paced
The government should act smartly to eliminate this system of justice being delayed and being out of reach for anyone other than the rich brats. It can be started by setting up a new court in every district, by appointing thousands of new judges.  The caseload of the judges can be reduced this way which will help to get quality and timely verdicts.

By creating an Indian Judicial Service to create a large set of trained, dedicated judges. This would enlarge the amount of talent available for elevation to the higher judiciary would be a major reform. The system of appointment of judges and holding their functioning to account is another priority.

Every system requires some reforms in it after some time. We believe in the judicial system of India and will keep doing that until the last breath. Jai Hind! -   Pahuja Law Academy

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